When angels came to earth. Part 1

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Ok hey its me again, sorry about not making a quiz in a long time (writers block :\) anyway i'm back now and will be writing/typing part four of Forbidden Love: Mirrors lie. I just haven't got around to actually starting it xD

ok well i'd like to thank you all for taking this quiz or just about to take this quiz and hopefully soon i'll do part two of this and part four of my other one. Thanks! :D

Created by: hazelfangsbite

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  1. ""Ten years ago"" There was a bright light coming from outside, it sparkled slightly. It didn't come from the sun, or the moon, it came just from the skies, heaven. You and your mummy walked outside, heads craned at the sky. Humans from the ages of 5 to 56 walked out of houses and cars, looking up at the sky, at the light. Suddenly a young man flew down; he looked about in his 19's. He had short, golden blonde hair that matched the colour of his golden shimmering wings. His eyes seemed to be a greenish colour; somehow you knew there were flecks of gold in them. He was carrying a large wooden staff which had gold inscriptions on it. Then next angel was also a man, in his 19's. He had long, pitch black hair. His eyes were an icy blue colour, his wings were an ash grey, they looked soft. He seemed to be holding an imperial gold dagger. He suddenly turned his gaze to you, his eyes scanning you. You stared back at him, and then turned you attention on the last angel. He had light brown hair and copper eyes, his wings were a blue sort of colour. He was carrying a flaming sword. Your mother whispered something like "angels". Suddenly the last one that flew down raised his sword, as he did thousands of angels flew down attacking the humans....
  2. ""Present"" You ran down the alleyway. Two angels were chasing you. TWO BLOODY ANGELS. You heard the soft beating of their wings. Usually you attracted only one angel's attention, but somehow this time you seemed to have attracted two. You had stolen ten packets of microwavable rice, 6 two minute noodles, two loaves of fresh bread, and three bags of candy for the kids of your little community. What the surviving community was made up of six families, two of the families were a family of seven (including your family) the rest were a family of five, one family was only a family of three. You jumped over a fallen lamppost. There were a lot of them that fell because the angels used those poles to trap us. You remember when you were caught in one of those traps; you were 10 with three others who were 13. Out of all of them you were the bravest, you had chucked a brick at the angel. When she fell to the ground you got out your knife and killed her. Thing is, even though angels don't age, they aren't immortal anymore. Since God died, angels were easy to kill... well for you that is. Suddenly one of the angels flew in front of you "s---" you muttered, spinning around to see the other angel behind you, his sword in front of him. You rolled your eyes, all the angels were cautious of you. Apparently they call you the angel hunter.
  3. You stood still; he still had the sword threateningly close to you. You held your breath and only slightly reached for your thigh strap, it held two blessed knives (you stole from the angels) and a knife dipped in poison, just for human encounters. It was bad enough that the human race and the angels were battling but also the human race against itself, there was a lot of deaths caused more by the other human race then the angels. The angel seemed little distracted, you tried not to smile, this was perfect. An angel who was not paying attention to the more dangerous opponent. Now, we just got to wait until his eyes.... Now! You jerked out your blessed knife and stabbed the angel; his eyes were wide with shock. Obviously he didn't know how good you were, o'well that was his fall. You smirked as he burst into a million pieces of gold. "Killing angels are always messy" you 'murmured' you meant that for the other angel hopefully he would get the picture. Unfortunately for him he aimed with his bow and arrow, at you. You shrugged to yourself and threw the knife at the other angel. Perfect. It landed right on his chest where his heart was, he groaned and then he was gone, exploded into another million pieces of priceless gold. You brushed off the fleck of gold that was on you, there was no use for money these days, we just stole. You started to walk in the direction of your community.
  4. The walk to your tribe/community was peaceful; the woods provided enough shelter and protection against the angel's eye. There has never been an angel on these grounds, to them this was cursed land, and this is where Satan's followers walked. Of course that didn't worry us, Satan's followers were actually more south from us and they never walked on these lands because it was already inhabited, by us. They liked to stick with their own kind like we sticked to our own. The grass underneath your feet was damp, as the ground was soft. You realized that you must've taken the wrong turn and had started walking into the direction of the hot springs, you kept on walking towards the hot springs. You did feel a bit dirty and cold... It was quiet, except for the faint rush of the hot spring and the soft chirping of birds, or some other creature. The air tingled around you, you stopped abruptly. A chill ran down your spine and the hairs on the back of your neck stood on an end. For some reason it had gone dead silent. 'There couldn't be angels though! An angel stepping on an "accursed" land was put to death' you thought. You felt a warm breath against your neck. You stopped breathing, you had already grabbed your knife and now, you were waiting for another sign that someone was behind you. You felt a pair of lips brush against the back of your neck, you spun around to slash thin air... "I must be going crazy" you murmured, scanning the over growth. You ran towards the hot spring, there you could see everything happening around you, while here you could get easily attacked and there would be no escape... Finally you saw the clearing of the hot spring, the spring was named 'The Spring Of Freya' Freya was a Norse goddess of love and fertility, and there was another goddess called Freya who was the goddess of crops. Apparently this spring was blessed with love each time a virgin woman bathed or stepped foot in it with a man of any desire. The two would fall in love and be together happily without any problems for the rest of their lives. No one wanted to test this theory out because there was also a rumor around that if say for example, the woman wasn't virgin they would both be cursed along with the rest of their generation. The curse was that you would die by the age of 16 if you had kissed somebody before that. Yeah, most of the families got terrified and stayed well away from the spring, except for you of course. You didn't believe in that petty myth, and besides, you didn't believe in true love... You never had. Once you had entered the grounds of Freya's Spring you relaxed, but you still kept a sharp eye out. You walked over the spring and splashed you face with the beautifully warm water that it held. Once you had washed your face you tried it, with a small cloth you always carried around with you. You always tucked it in your tighter leather waist band.
  5. You pulled off your combat boots, the leather was died a pure black and it had lots of zips and buckles on it. You dipped your legs into the warm spring water, the water rippled as your toe touched the surface of the water. The spring reflected your pale, graceful legs that you often wondered where you got them from. After a few minutes of soaking you couldn't take it any longer whatever had touched you before was watching you, you could feel it. Thing is although you're not quite sure it was an angel anymore, they were stealthy and all but they made a lot of noise with their wings when they fly and if it was an angel behind you then you would've heard the angel and you would've striked the angel, no angels are that fast... You quickly dried your legs and put on your combat boots again, luckily you still had your weapons on you because whoever was watching you could've stolen them. You stood up, your eyes scanning the spring and the undergrowth behind you. There was nothing inside, you were all alone... That's when you saw it, the flash of cold blue. Before you even had time to turn around whatever was in the trees before, it was now behind you... "Ah so you're the one who's been killing all my angels" it muttered in your ear in a deep, mesmerizing voice. You spun around but there was nothing there, that's when you heard the voice again "hmm you're not as impressive as they said you were" it taunted. You turned around again. Nothing. "Where are you?!" You yelled out, your eyes darkening. "I'm behind you" the voice whispered. You spun around again, same results as last time, nothing. "Stop moving!" You yelled a pair of firm hands held your arms pressed against your sides. "Why don't you stop moving." It snarled, you tried to break free from its firm grip but it still held on strong. It breathed against your neck, you shivered, its breath was cold and icy except its hands were warm... "Let go off me!" The voice laughed, the laugh was cold and emotionless "why should i? I'm too important to listen to a puny mortal unless you have a god like reason" you furrowed your eyebrows trying to think of a reason, but you got nothing...
  6. Suddenly no hands were gripping you anymore. You shook your head, you swear that there was someone there! Wait maybe it still is... You turned around expecting to see nothing, but instead you see a young man. He had long, messy pitch black hair and cold blue eyes. If you looked closely you could see that there was emerald and sapphire in his eyes also. He was pale, not that horrible, scary pale, it was more like that sexy mysterious pale. He was tall and lean by the looks of it... He was in ripped jeans and a tight T-shirt, he was honestly cute. Wait no the least to say would be sexy... He looked at you with a cold expression, he was tensing slightly, clenching his fists. The wind around you grew cold, you shivered violently as the tempreture dropped. As soon as it had come, it had gone. The young man unclenched his fists and focused on you. His face went expressionless until his eyes moved up to your lips, thats when his shield went down. He revealed to you a mixture of emotions. Longing, waning, craving, confusion, and something.. else.... You parted your lips slightly as in a way that said 'i-know-your-staring-at-my-lips-so quit-it' kind of way. Thankfully his hard stare moved away from your cherry red lips and finally met your harsh dark brown eyes. His jaw tightened when he looked into your eyes, you stiffened. His movements were so harsh, even when it was only little. By the way he stood you knew he had something to do with killing... You cracked your knuckles breaking the silence that was starting to slowly invade your mind.
  7. Who are you?" You asked slowly, your hand slithering down your side and to your holy knife. "I'm nobody you need to know about" he replied in a deep, rich, sexy voice. You raised an eyebrow "you didn't answer my question." He looked at you steadily "my name is not of any importance, Keelie" you glared at him "how do you know my name?" You growled, the only thing he did was smirk slightly. "Keelie, offspring of the lost, don't you remember me?" You were about to answer when he disappeared, exactly when you blinked. You bit your lip looking around nervously, you knew him... but how? You've never met anyone like him ever! Wait maybe you had met him before the attack. You tried to think back to your life before the attack, you scowled as the memories were fuzzy, especially when you tried to look back at the looks of the three archangels that were the leaders of the attack Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael. When you tried to capture the looks of them your mind went completely black. What did this mean? You forgot? They erased your memory? You scowled and stormed off towards your tribe. An hour later you reached your hut, to see the same guy you met earlier, sitting on your roof. You growled "what are you doing here?!" You snarled, he answered back by raising his eyebrow. "Keelie, you still don't remember who i am?" He asked, smirking slightly, his eyes still cold and piercing. You shivered under his permanent glare. Your hard stare slipped behind him as you saw two large dark wings...
  8. "You're an archangel" you growled, your eyes flickering from a wolves back to yours. His eyes darkened "you might still call me that lost one, but i'm no longer an archangel. It was those humans that caused the fall of my boss." He snarled harshly, there was a kind of fire to his eyes. "Oh? So it's us mortals fault of the fight between Satan and God?! What about you angels? You could've HELPED." He clenched his fists, his jaw tightened then he said "i was... Busy." You laughed "busy? BUSY?! You're not meant to be busy somewhere else! You're an archangel of God!" You yelled. He closed his eyes, he was trying to hold down his anger. You smirked this time; he obviously regretted not being there when the fight of God and Satan started. "You do not know anything lost one! Where were you in all of this huh?" You were angry now "I WAS A FREAKEN CHILD THEN! I WAS ONLY 6!" You yelled, he flew down off the roof. Landing right in front of you, he was scowling; the air around you was cold again. Then he kissed you softly. You scrambled back shocked and furious. His kiss was warm and sweet yet you don't EVER kiss angels, especially not archangels! Those basteds think they are more powerful then all of us, ever since God died, and now one thought he could have me with one little kiss and an almost fight. In a blink of an eye Raphael vanished, "finally." You muttered. You walked into your hut, each family got their own but you refused to stay with your family, you don't know why, you just do. You had made this hut all by yourself, it was one of the best huts in the village. You walked inside and kicked off your boots, when you saw a pair of eyes looking at you. They were copper coloured with flecks of gold the outer rim of the eye was a shiny brown colour...
  9. You were ready; you threw your knife at the eyes. You heard a growl then it was gone. You lit a candle and looked around; nothing seemed to be missing... Or so you hoped, everything in here was important. Well mostly because you kept weapons in here but you also had blueprints of traps and raids, plus several spells that have actually worked, not to mention potions. You walked over to your bed which had a dream catcher hanging on the roof on top of the bed. You had managed to collect a lot of human valuables, like jewellery, paints, pencils, dream catchers, paper, carvings, books... You loved books; there were a heap in your hut they varied from fiction to non-fiction, young adult, to teen, even 10-12. They were your valuables, your prized possessions, if anyone of them had gone missing you would've scarred the village in a horrible way while looking for it. Your mind wandered back to Gabriel, you touched your lips, dazed. Then you shook your head, no way was that going to happen. You sighed; it felt as though his lips were still lingering on yours. Then it hit you, couldn't he have been in the river at the same time as you? No, it didn't work with archangels... Or did it? You mentally slapped yourself, who cares? You growled softly to yourself and lay down; maybe you just needed some sleep...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Hey yeah sorry i kinda couldn't handle it anymore... anyway, i know this one was a little boring but i needed it to explain a few things about yourself, next one will be more about guys ;) anyway i'm still doing my other quiz series, but i just keep forgetting what i was going to type xD anyway thanks for reading ciao!

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