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  • Your Result: Over 80 / Health Declines

    You may consider your self lucky. You will live to be over 80 years of age and you shall die due to health conditions. Because of this result, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and attack life. You know you have time on your side.

    50-70 / Health Issues
    50-70 / Accident
    30-40 / Suicide
    No result found
    30-40 / Hereditary Desease
    Within 5 years
    With in a year
    Lucky me! ^_^

  • With in a year

    Something is going to happen. Avoid long flights, freeways, and anyone with a gun. Your results are very strong in this area... very few receive this answer....

    Ok, I'm scared now, I mean gosh I'm only 12? Though I had a long flight not long ago, and I had a feeling something was going to happen, and thank God nothing did actually happen... not yet anyway :S

  • Fifty to seventy years old from health issues,sounds true I do have some issues with my health but am trying to work on getting better from them even though it's hard to I wanna live a better life. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • Oh.....No result found...nice.
    Just nice.
    I can control my destiny. Nice.
    Once again. Just nice.
    I have the gift? What gift? ah hah hah.

  • Why does every quiz like this say suicide? Lol i dont wanna kill myself just other people. xD But i do act a bit like i would...

  • Woohoo!! I'll live to over 80. :) Fab quiz!!

    Please try my ew one "What is your body shape?!"


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