What Would Your Cat's Warrior Name Be?

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I am aware that there are many quizzes' like this, which is why I made this one different. This all about YOUR cat. :) If you don't own a cat then why are you taking this? LOL. I worked very hard on this quiz and I would LOVE comments and feedback. When people rate my quiz's bladly I want to know the reason why, so I can improve. Its rude to me when people rate my quiz bad and then leave without explaining. :( I worked hard on this quiz and I want feedback, thanks. Also people this is about Warriors, the book series by Erin Hunter. If you don't know what that is you will be confused.

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Created by: Sunday1

  1. Is your cat a she-cat or a tom?
  2. What color is your cat?
  3. Which of these describes your cat most? :)
  4. Has your cat every caught a live animal before, or tried to?
  5. How does your cat act around other cats?
  6. Whats the color of your cat's eyes.
  7. If you have an indoor cat does he/she try to get outside every chance they get.
  8. Is your cat more....
  9. How much does your cat like to be around people on a scale of one to ten? (One being LOTS)
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz. I made it because I was bored and am getting a new cat tommorow. (A rescue.) Yep. Now you know.

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Quiz topic: What Would my Cat's Warrior Name Be?