What would be my first impression of you?

So this quiz is to find out what people think of you before they really get to know you.A first impression.Now rember that this is just what you first come off as not your acuall personality.

Which are to totaly diffrent things. Dont judge a book by its cover I guess. I hope you like my quiz if you do rate and coment or take my other quizes.

Created by: graceface
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  1. Your friend introduces you to someone new, she tells you her name. You say
  2. Your sitting in waiting room for a while and its just you and a person your age. You...
  3. You go to a party but you dont see anyone you know, you...
  4. Do you like meeting new people?
  5. Where do you and your friends usually hang out?
  6. If your at a park and this little kid is running by you and face plants. You...
  7. At school your usually...
  8. You like people who...
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