The Perfect Name Quiz (Girls Version)

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Names carry a lot. They give people a first impression about you. They often parallel your personality. Sometimes, however, people's names don't match up with their personalities.

What would your ideal name be? This test will determine that based on questions centered around personal preferences, as well as physical appearance and personality.

Created by: Alejandra
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  1. Your favorite color is:
  2. Your hair is:
  3. Your eyes are:
  4. Your skin is:
  5. If you could do any sport, it would be:
  6. It's a Saturday night and your friend calls you and wants to do something. You suggest:
  7. You are given $100 dollars to spend. You buy:
  8. Your parents just bought you an iPhone for your birthday. They give you money to buy a case for it. You pick out:
  9. Your ideal "summer outfit" would be:
  10. If you had a daughter, you would name her:
  11. Your ideal pet would be a:

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