So You Think You Know Your Disney Girls

There are many Disney watchers. But are you the ultimate Disney girls fan??? Take this quiz to find out if your sonny(smart) or an alex(doesn't care).

"So you think you know your Disney girls" is an awesome quiz!!! If you like it you should check out some of my other quizzes. And please comment so I will make a guy version.:)

Created by: rockerchick12
  1. Selena Gomez grew up in...
  2. What was Demi Lovatos first show ever that she was on?
  3. Jessie is a _____ nanny.
  4. Which movie was Ashly tisdale NOT in?
  5. Who plays zora on so random?
  6. How old is Tiffany Thornton?
  7. What does Jennifer stone still hold onto from when she was a child?
  8. What movie was Ravi ( ally's BFF) in?
  9. How many cheetah girls movies were there?
  10. Tiffany thornton guessed stared on that's so raven.
  11. Jennifer stone doesn't care about clothes.
  12. Zora wants to be a director/writer/actor.
  13. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez's parents are both divorced.
  14. Demi Lovato has no siblings.

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Quiz topic: So You Think You Know my Disney Girls