What wolf rank are you?

Wolf packs are divided in four ranks: the alpha male (leader) the alpha female (leader) the beta and the omega. What are they? A omega is a funny joker, an alpha is a leader and the omega is alphas' favourite..

What wolf rank would YOU be? Have you ever wondered?? And if you didn't, do you now? Yoy surely did if you are a great wolf lover but.... Are you? Take this quiz and find it out!

Created by: KibaGirl
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Wolf's Rain: What character are you like? (if you don't know the TV show, select the description you think is more like you, or the option "Idk Wolf's Rain")
  2. Do you hang out too much? Are you outgoing?
  3. RP time; A wolf approaches to you and says"Hi, I'm Kibagirl i want to be your friend!" and you say yes, but you discover that it is all a lie; she wants to steal you most preciated stuff. You...?
  4. Sombepepeye lorups!
  5. Rp2: You are walking in the forest with your pack and you see a stranger in your pack. You...?
  6. Describe yourself.
  7. Sorry for the mistake in question 8, last answer.... Can you sorry me? (the answer of this question will change the result too ;) )
  8. How do you think that is your result?
  9. What is your fav animal?
  10. Last Question: Have you liked this quiz? Plz comment! And check out How Much Do You Know About Wolf's Rain? Quiz! It is fun :) and hard

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Quiz topic: What wolf rank am I?