What Wolf Rank Are You?

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Wolves. One of the most well known animals in the world. Some are going instinct while others are happily roaming parks and spending/living in forests. They are very elegant creatures that camouflage in their habitats. They have soft coats that are very thick and soft. Their wolf pups are the cutest and they are the reason we have dogs.

Wolves are known to travel in packs. These packs hunt together, eat together, mate together, etc. Each pack member owns their place. The Alpha is the main leader while the Omega is the last to a pack. No matter what happens wolves will la in our hearts.

Created by: LOLGirl123
  1. Pick A Personality
  2. Who Are You In A Friend Group?
  3. Pick A Color
  4. Pick A Ranking
  5. Pick An Animal
  6. Choose A Social Network
  7. Choose A Type Of Music
  8. Pick A House
  9. Pick A Game
  10. Pick A Singer

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Quiz topic: What Wolf Rank am I?