What Aj animal are you?

You can be many animals on Aj. So I'm going to help you choose your main look. This quiz may work for spirt animals as well. Here are the animals you can get, (sorry I can only do 10) Artic wolf, wolf, snow leopard, eagle, tiger, lion, hyena, fox, bunny, and raccoon

I hope this helps you decide which Aj animal you should be the most. Sorry if you don't get what you wanted, this is my first quiz. Maybe you will be surprised!

Created by: Zoe

  1. What's your personality?
  2. Who's my favorite famous jammer?
  3. What is your favorite group of animals
  4. What kind of animals would you like to see in the wild
  5. What is your action towards bullying
  6. What would you do yo amuse others
  7. What is you style like?
  8. What's your favorite food
  9. What kind of group would you like to be in?
  10. Where do you like to hang

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Quiz topic: What Aj animal am I?