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  • Black wolf,I am a loner,very independent,hate listening to others rules and can come off a bit rude at times but usually alright with unless u mess with me then u better run. Cool quiz mate.

  • AWESOME!! i got wat is soo me, Black Wolf, way beyond true *pounces around room, stops short, hunts for prey* i rate 10 stars ^^

    The Black Wolf is the most rude,mean, and vile wolf in the Universe. She/He LOVES to kill & fight & is EXTREAMLEY intelligent. Very wise & VERY sassy..and takes orders form NO ONE !

  • Awesome quiz! I got the Black Wolf! That is SO true! I rate 10 stars.

  • ok...this is the weirdest quiz ever.there is no such thing as a yellow,orange,pink or blue wolf...

  • O.O wtc is a yellow wolf?!?! I didn't get that answer ( I got Black Wolf (soo tru))


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