What wolf are you ?

This Quiz is to show your TRUE (MAIN) color as a wolf..Yes, there are many more..but these are the main ones. I didn't base it on your agility but this is a REAL quix :D

Do you think you can be the roughest Wolf in the book ? Or do you think you can be the princess of Priss or pop ? Do you think YOU can give what it takes to make your FAVORITE wolf ?

Created by: Lilly

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color would you be as a wolf ?
  2. WHat would your prey be ?
  3. What acategory do you fall under ?
  4. WHat would your accesory be?
  5. How big are you ?
  6. What would you be in a pack ?
  7. If you were attacked what would you do ?
  8. What Would You Be ?
  9. WHat do you feel about this quiz ?
  10. Are you excited to see your answer ?

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Quiz topic: What wolf am I ?