what witch power do you have?

some people have magical blood witches blood this quiz will tell you what your power is (if you have witch blood) or would be (if you had witches blood)

so what power are you meant to have? or what powers are hidden in your blood? have fun and enjoy! now it is time to take the quiz and find out! goodbye

Created by: shaylin
  1. have you had a brush with death?
  2. when your angry and upset do things fall off of shelves or explode
  3. do you have de ga vus a lot?
  4. do you feel like people dont kow your there or pay attention to you when your there
  5. do people say i didnt know you were there and i didnt see you and mean it
  6. when you go to bed do you dream of flying or of being in other peoples dreams?
  7. do you dream about things that then happen in real life?
  8. do you hear things or see things like shadows of people that arent there
  9. do you use hand gestures or squint your eyes a lot?
  10. do you wake up sweating and freaked out but you dont know why?

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Quiz topic: What witch power do I have?