What is your blood status?

There are many witches and wizards out there. Half of them don't know they're magical, so take this quiz to find out if you are! I'm a witch myself, and I'm proud.

So, are YOU a witch or wizard? Do you have the power to do AMAZING spells? You will never find out if you don't take this quiz! So go on, take the quiz and see your results!

Created by: Jada Webster

  1. So, what House are you?
  2. Ok... do you have a wand?
  3. Alright then. What type of magic have you ever done?
  4. Interesting. Do you believe in magic?
  5. Right. Who's your favourite Harry Potter character?
  6. Yup, they sure are great! Good or bad magic?
  7. *writing on paper* I've got that down. Favourite out of these?
  8. Mhm. Now, pick an initial.
  9. A...S...W...L... Sorry, I got carried away with initials! Pick a face.
  10. Lastly, DESSERT!

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Quiz topic: What is my blood status?