How much do you know about GoToQuiz status levels?

I need to level up, so I am making this quiz. I figured that because I am making a quiz to level up, I might well make it about GTQ status levels!

How much do YOU know about the status levels in the world of GoToQuiz? Find out by taking this simple quiz! Ready........ Set........ ON WITH THE QUIZ!

Created by: Frostire
  1. Which is the first level?
  2. What is the second level?
  3. What is the third level?
  4. How many levels are there?
  5. What is the fourth level?
  6. What is the fifth level?
  7. What is the sixth level?
  8. What is the seventh level?
  9. What is the eighth level?
  10. What is the ninth level?
  11. What is the tenth level?
  12. What is the eleventh level?
  13. What is the twelfth level?
  14. What is the highest level anyone has ever gotten to?
  15. BONUS POINTS: I am making this quiz to level up, so what level am I trying to get to by making this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about GoToQuiz status levels?