what warrior (My Series) Are You

There are many Warrior Cats in the world of Warriors, but, in my version, what cat would you be? This quiz is a personality quiz that sees which cat you are.

You are given four results, yet not all Clans are featured. Thus you may end up getting a cat from a clan you dislike. If you do, please try taking another quiz or retaking this one.

Created by: cassie
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  1. if you could have element what would it be?
  2. RP time; if you were in an important battle and your leader and your mate are both injured, who do you help first?
  3. what clan would you be in?
  4. what character do you like most out of these?
  5. what clan do you despise the most?
  6. alright, what food would you eat the most of if you were in a Clan?
  7. RP time again. If you were out hunting and you discovered remains of fresh-kill out in the open with the scent of another cat on them, what would you do?
  8. what song is your favorite?
  9. okay, the quiz is almost over just one question left how do you feel?
  10. FINAL QUESTION. It's RP time yet again. Your Clan is at a Gathering when suddenly, it starts to rain the minute you set foot on the Great Tree! What do think/say/do?

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