what warrior cat clan do you belong in?

thunderclan can be good because they are brave and kind, but they also get misjudged by the other clans as rebels to the warrior code. windclan can be good because they are quick and loyal, but they also get mistaken as weak.

riverclan can be good because they are clever and strong, but the also get misjudged by being weird becaus they eat fish. shadowclan cats can be good because they will stick to what they say they will do. they can be bad because they can be judged as mean.

Created by: frozenfur
  1. whats your favorite color?
  2. if you were on a hunting patrol, by yourself, and you saw a apprentince, obviously wounded,but not in your clan and on your territory, you would:
  3. what prey do you prefer?
  4. when you were a kit, how did you get advice from others older than you?
  5. how does your pelt shine?
  6. what two words describe you the best?
  7. which leader is your idol?
  8. it's a hot day, what do you do to cool down?
  9. what fighting skills do you rely on the most?
  10. how do you catch your prey?
  11. what territory do prefer?
  12. others mistake you to be:
  13. whats your role in the clan?

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Quiz topic: What warrior cat clan do I belong in?