What Viner are u most likely to date?

Vine has become so popular between the past year and teenage girls are dying to know if they will BER have a chance with any of the "heartthrobs" of vine. Find out using this quiz !(:

Who's the best viner for you? who can you relate to out of the guys Sachsen for this test? What personality do you mostly like match with? Do you have any idea? You can find out answering the questions in this quiz ! SO EASy 👍

Created by: Amy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What ended Are You
  2. Tomboy or Girly?
  3. Out of these two what would be the perfect date?
  4. Bacon or Sausage?
  5. texting (: or -.-
  6. Respond fast or Wait hours before responding back
  7. Emojis?
  8. enjoying this quiz
  9. Outgoing or shy
  10. You use vine for watching videos only or u live to post videos

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