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  • Browser. Always was my favorite.

    jojowolf43 Jul 20 '18, 2:23PM
  • I got the cutest thing ever, Pikachu :D

    Beautiful123 Aug 8 '16, 10:54AM
  • I'm Sonic the hedgehog:D

    DancingMilk Jun 27 '16, 4:22PM
  • I got Mario. Wahooo!

    xMoTiioN_F1R3 Feb 25 '16, 4:11PM
  • Darn it, I thought I was gonna get Dante from Dante's inferno. o-o

    Shirokuma Jul 31 '15, 2:32AM
  • I'm Bowser XD

    QuebecSpeaking Jul 20 '15, 6:40PM
  • got donkey kong...umm okay? im mean i guess so....

    eds33 Jul 6 '15, 8:30PM
  • Babes Babes stop please thanks a lot im 11 years old and not Complainimg at all so im out peace!

    MiaThomas May 1 '15, 4:30PM
  • Babes Babes stop please thanks

    MiaThomas May 1 '15, 4:27PM
  • I got Donkey Kong too!

    MiaThomas May 1 '15, 4:15PM

    Nightwing22 Mar 21 '15, 8:13AM
  • Lol, Donkey Kong.

    BStreet Feb 9 '15, 11:29PM
  • I am Bowser is that bad ? I hope not

    Redrose49 Dec 7 '14, 5:54PM
  • pickachu? PIKACHU!!!!!

    Poppy 101 Nov 25 '14, 10:10PM
  • I really appreciate that Frogger and Pac-man were possible characters, really hits home with us older folk xD I mean, I'm 19, but still. Thanks guy :DD Keep rockin' xD

    Shirokuma Oct 15 '14, 10:29PM
  • Frogger.........but I wanted Pikachu.........

    Flareon726 May 14 '14, 3:29PM
  • Oh, and by the way, by "Namco" did you mean "Namco"? Because that is really the company name of Pacman and a few others of those games listed.

    Angel Fox Aug 17 '13, 12:54PM
  • What video game character are you?
    Your Result: Sonic the Hedgehog.

    You are the speedy blue hedgehog, Sonic. You found yourself on a new planet and now you must stop your enemy, Dr. Eggman, from taking all of the cheos emeralds and destroying the world!



    50%Pac Man

    45%Donkey Kong



    I had no idea I was gonna get Sonic! He is pretty cool, I guess.

    Angel Fox Aug 17 '13, 12:51PM
  • uh... why isnt there knuckles or shadow?

    knucklesthegreat Jun 16 '13, 10:29PM
  • i was sonic.the best thing ever in the videogame world.but i went down the list and saw frogger and was all like wtf is frogger?

    knucklesthegreat Jun 16 '13, 10:27PM
  • Frogger.o.

    Hephaestuschild Sep 6 '12, 10:28AM
  • Ooh, I'm Pikachu. That's good, I love Pokemon!
    And yes I AM going to evolve. Eventually. :P

    Kepler Aug 17 '12, 10:58PM

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