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  • I posted a comment similiar to Meganium on the How Will I Die quiz commentary section about these bull chain letters. And I think that anyone who truly hates these crap chain letters should start a campaign with me! Are you in Meganium? Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • .... I attract unstable people.

    No wonder my relationship life is so weird!! lmao

    All I've ever gone out with is some unstable person :D

    True though, they do make for the best sex, I just don't like the rest of the deal (Dangit dangit dangit!!)

  • My hole life I have attracted unstable women. I didn't ever expect someone would creat a quiz that would read me like a book. Excellent job! I rated this quiz with a 10

  • I attract geeks, apparently. I am a geek myself, but I'm not sure about attracting geeks.....The only geeks I've met are the same gender as I am, so I wouldn't know.

    Evil Lord Inthiyr
  • It says I attract geeks...wouldn't care...but it's soooo not true! Geeks run from me! lol. I'm not all that intelligent and I don't like sci-fi, I hate video games and I have no idea if that's spelled correctly.

  • Yeah that prety much sums me up at this point ;)

    The unstable insane people, and ya know what? I love it.

    Each girl I have liked, each one was near set out of their minds and I enjyed everysecond of their company, so yeah this one rocks.

  • What type of person do you attract?
    Your Result: You attract unstable people! 72%
    Wow 4 years difference and now I attract this
    Seems accurate tho Im shocked

  • I'm an insane magnet and I attract all sorts of people that explain every thing one guy I dated was a gock and the next scene (I like the scene more he is a better cuddler >u< hehe

  • Wow I attract unstable people I wonder what'll happen next who mows I get with a guy who's insane in the midbrain (hah do u get it ? They rhyme!!!!!!!!!!)( I feel so smart!!!)

  • Guess what, I read all those stupid comments millions of times and havent posted them on other quizzes and i am perfectly fine. these comments about that crap i will die in 2 days or get kissed the next friday is crap lol i cant believe some people believe it.... I get kissed every friday anyway XD just kidding... or am i? XD

  • people, quit with the chain letters. Anyways, I don't think I really attract geeks that much. I attract more normals than those I believe. Cool quiz though.

  • lol, it is so true. I do attract the unstables. My entire friend group is rather insane. Its awesome. Just can't manage to date one of them. It sucks, I am always in the "brother" category.

  • OMG! How did you know I attract insane people? I was with my ex for 7 years and he's like criminally insane! Also, how did you know insane people are the best at sex? I thought only I knew that...

  • That is hilarious, because I absolutely DO attract geeks, as the quiz says. I think geeks are awesome, though. My husband is the sexiest geek alive! :-D

  • I do not attract unstable insane people. I attract goths, athletics, pervs. Why didn't you put those on there??? You need better results!!!!

  • what a weird quiz. i'm totally emo so i would expect to attract the same type of people. any way i think emo lads are way fitter than other lads so you know generally artsy people are freaks to me. again what a strange quiz

  • I took it a second time and still got the same answer!

    Btw, what in tarnation is going on with my previous comment? No one told me they didn't accept apostrophes.

  • Come check out my new quiz,What clique do you fit into?.

    You'll find out if you're popular,nerdy,goth/ emo,average or gifted.

  • I attract artsy people!Fun quiz!!

    Please try my new one "What is your body shape?!"

    It's fresh and fab filled with fashion tips for your body type in comments!! xx

  • I attract geeks?!?!? Eww no way, totally off dude!!! I attract cute and sweet guys and artsy people, not geeks!!! Please take my quiz, Does He Have Feelings For You?

  • Hi please take this 'quiz' called ~"Please read this if you care about animals!!"~ I did not make this quiz but the person who did asked people to pass it on. I am going to make a huge step and you can to take the quiz and read about it :)

  • I attract artsy people, secondly geeks, ironically, I have an artsy person looking at me and geeky person RIGHT now.

    Pretty good quiz!

  • I attract geeks? I wish. I only seem to attract needy, clingy, emo people. Not geeks. I would kill to actually attract a good geek.

  • Well....I don't think this Test is Accurate.

    I took the quiz 2 times on My Facebook Site...

    The first time it said I attract the Insane :(

    0mg...Then today when I changed the Answers to the

    opposite of what answered the first time... &

    &amp ;^%$#@(8& IT SAID THE SAME THING (')-(')

    What How can that Be ?
    Attract or Not...They're Not Coming
    Home With Me...lol

  • Am I the only person happy with my result!? I think yuppies are too high up, seeing as I can't stand them, but I totally attract geeks!


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