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  • What's with the chain messages? They suck. No one (besides the ones that continue the chains) believe any of it and they waste space. Just stop it all. Post messages that you yourself want to say and that only.

  • I attract geeks. Yeah, that sounds about right, but I'm a geek, too. XD Models as 2nd? Really? Show me these models! XD Artsy people as 3rd? Of course. I'm an artsy girl from an artsy family. 'Tis only natural.

  • lol just cause you attract a certain group of ppl like geeks or yuppies or whatnot that doesn't mean those are the people you end up going out with... plus this is JUST a fun quiz pplz.. no need to get overdramatic bout it lol

    I attract either artsy ppl or geeks the most then yuppies then unstable ppl then models and never rednecks. I'm not sure bout the artsy part but the geeky/yuppy part is pretty accurate. Geeky people are alright though I ADORE artsy ppl... since I consider myself an artist first and foremost anyways :P

  • Odd, I attract geeks and my boyfriend is a basketball player who is totally attractive.

    But I have no problem with attracting geeks! =) They have a interesting future ahead of them.

  • Bad questions. Incomplete choices. Meh quiz. I'm now getting two friends to write one wherein reality has some kind of influence on the quiz contents and results.

  • Artsy, then yuppies, then geeks, then models, then rednecks ... fair enough. I wouldn't expect to attract rednecks after all. Except, I've never met a really artsy person ..

  • I Attract Geeks mostly and the bottom 6# is true

    43% You attract artsy people!
    43% You attract unstable people!
    43% You attract rednecks!
    34% You attract Yuppies!
    6% You attract models!

  • just kidding, i actually got unstable people. i know unstable girls that talk to me sometimes. like when im at the beach swimming and minding my own business, some random girls come up to me and start talking to me and say im hot n stuff. and this is true, not lying.it happens pretty much 60% of the time.

  • Accurate quiz! I attract geeks! Not that a geek has ever been attracted to me. But someone i did attract was bad enough to call a geek,in an insult way and i am a little like a geek myself.

  • i attract geeks because i like sci-fi and video games?

    too bad i hate sci-fi, and video games bore me to death...

    and then after that is a yuppie...since i totally know what that is...

    this was an officially stupid quiz.
    and completely inaccurate.

  • My Result: I attract artsy people!

    So I attract artsy people. Eh, that's not so bad.

    I do consider myself artsy. I do like to experience the abnormal. Again, not bad at all, pretty sweet for me. And smoking weed helps out the "fun" between my attractor. Wicked sweet, I'm down with that. I like this quiz..

  • I think this is one of the most stupid tests I've ever taken. Its description of my person couldn't be further from the truth. One must be pretty bored to bother with this.

  • Aimi attracts...Geeks...Aimi is fine with that as long as it's not true...Aimi isn't a Game freak...Aimi is more of a story teller and story maker...She likes to Write depressing poems,Song lyrics...And Aimi also likes to Draw Anime-Style...That's not Geeky...Sorry but Aimi doesn't think so...Good work on making the quiz though...Even if it IS total Bull-Sh@it...Keep on making them though...

  • OK. I attract models. I don't like models. They are too snobby for me, though my boyfriend is sexy enough to be a model. I should attrct Yuppies or Artsy people, because my boyfriend is a prep and a musician.

  • I attract artsy and unstable people...

    We would have A LOT in common haha only if I could actually get a relationship off of this XD

    *Sighs* but that's unrealistic...well goodbye imma try to go into

    little-space (if you don't know what mdlg/ddlg is...look it up🖤)

    That one proxie
  • Tonight at midnight your true love will realize he likes you.if you don't send this to 5 other quizzes you will have relationship problems for the next 10 years if you post this on 10 other quizzes you will get everything you want tomorrow. PS THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!

  • I read all the other comments about the quiz and EVERYONE said they attract geeks!The person who created this just wanted us to waste our time.


  • 78% You attract geeks!
    74% You attract artsy people!
    66% You attract rednecks!
    44% You attract Yuppies!
    42% You attract models!

    I mainly attract unstable people, this is so correct

  • HAHAHA 100% MODELS LOL. My crush should be a model she is so beautiful but i think she likes someone else i talked to him he doesn't like her and I'd do anything to know if she likes me i cant stop thinking of her!

  • Hi,everyone!I just finished my new quiz,"Could you be my friend?"!

    It will tell you if we would be besties,just friends,frenemies or just plain

    enemies!Chec k it out!By the way,my name is Alexa Dallas.

  • I attract artsy people. Ok, I'm fine with that. It's not that bad a quiz, really! Oh, and @ AnyaAnastacia? Geeks are fine. They're really nice! You don't want bad boys. they'll just break your heart, really.

  • I took this quiz and got geeks! I don't attract geeks (I'll be honest here, I am a bit of geek myself), so this quiz is just stupid! I don't see why ANYONE should really be taking this.

  • I posted a comment similiar to Meganium on the How Will I Die quiz commentary section about these bull chain letters. And I think that anyone who truly hates these crap chain letters should start a campaign with me! Are you in Meganium? Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • .... I attract unstable people.

    No wonder my relationship life is so weird!! lmao

    All I've ever gone out with is some unstable person :D

    True though, they do make for the best sex, I just don't like the rest of the deal (Dangit dangit dangit!!)

  • My hole life I have attracted unstable women. I didn't ever expect someone would creat a quiz that would read me like a book. Excellent job! I rated this quiz with a 10


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