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  • You are the Scholar

    You believe that education is the key to life and success. You love to lean about new things, finding all subjects facinating. You think school is not a waste of time. You may struggle in some areas but you believe that as long as you try you will achive in the field of education.

    The key to life is happiness, my parents think I need to try new things, I hate school but we do need to learn about some stuff, and I'm not a very determined person.

  • You are a writer! Duh. Writing is my life. I would probably die without it. Awesome quiz!

  • Writer. Yup, that's me! ^-^

  • You are a writer........!!!!
    of course I am a writer!!!!

    That's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

  • You are a writer. *gasp* How did you know?!


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