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  • What type of mermaid am I?
    Your Result: Indigo Mermaid 85%

    You're an indigo mermaid like Noel!! The indigo pearl princess of the Arctic! You're a laid-back, bright, big-hearted person who doesn't sweat the details. You're brimming over with curiosity, and you have many different interests. You rush to face new challenges one after the next. But you don't like being tied down by rules, so sometimes you find yourself moving into the area of selfish whims. You have many friends, and you seem to follow the pattern of naturally moving from friendship into romance. However, you can become cold after seeing something in him you don't like, so be careful. Mermaids who are like you: Orange Mermaids. Results come from the Pichi Pichi Pitch mangas.

    84% Orange mermaid
    73% Green Mermaid
    72% Pink Mermaid
    65% Purple Mermaid
    58% Yellow Mermaid
    57% Aquamarine Mermaid

  • What type of mermaid am I?
    Your Result: Pink Mermaid 85%

    You're a pink mermaid like Lucia!! The pink pearl princess of the the North Pacific! You're overflowing with so much compassion, your great at seeing the pain within others hearts. If you see some one who is down, you can always cheer them up with your positive personality, but your mood can change quite easily, so be careful of that! When you fall in love, you pursue that affection with all your heart. Your great at understanding others feelings, but sometime you make mistakes. Jealousy can come to you quite easily, so be careful. Mermaids who are like you: Indigo Mermaids. Results come from the Pichi Pichi Pitch mangas.

    77% Yellow Mermaid
    73% Indigo Mermaid
    68% Aquamarine Mermaid
    65% Orange mermaid
    53% Purple Mermaid
    45% Green Mermaid

  • Green Mermaid

    Youre a green mermaid like Rina!! The green pearl princess of the North Atlantic!! Youre serious, hard working, and have a calm, adult-like demeanor. Your not the type to panic, and can always face your problems with logical reasoning. You can seem cold at times, but you are always thinking of your friends first. But there is a stubborn part of you that makes you think you're always right, be careful of that side of you. You tend to find love later then others, and your careful, so you tend to find it hard to find a partner in romance. But once you do fall in love, you are a passionate girl who will love that person for the rest of you life. Mermaids who are like you: Purple Mermaids.

    So apparently, I'd be named Rina! Nah, I'd rather be named.... I'm not sure!! Oh well.

  • i got indigo mermaid. she is just like me!

  • I'm a aquamarine mermaid! ✌

  • yellow mermaid soud like me

    united states
  • im a yellow mermaid coolll

    united states

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