What Type of Memer are you?

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Sure you may be a memer, but maybe not the kind you think you are. Try this quiz to see, only 12 questions, so you don't have to try that hard to be honest.

ni🅱🅱a knows what's right, take this quiz, to know if you're nor🅱ie or a da🅱k 🅱od. YeA BoiiIiiii. can't mess with je🅱us my ni🅱🅱a. follow for a free calculator

Created by: Prodigium

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  1. Are memes about tragedy comedic?
  2. Is rage comics still funny to you?
  3. here come that boi
  4. Who is Behind The Meme?
  5. >takes quiz >question six >do you like these kind of memes >uhhhhh.jpg >gives answer
  6. Who is CowbellyTV?
  7. Do you use iFunny?
  8. Do you use 9Gag?
  9. Do you use 4Chan?
  10. Which type of memer do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: What Type of Memer am I?