How dank are you?

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How dank are you? There are various internet meme communities. Which one are you most relatable to? Or, which level of dankness is best to describe you?

Are you a true memer, posting spicy stuff and investing in new formats, or just a stupid normie, following whatever is popular and laughing at stupid stuff? We will check in this quiz. So, meme well, and good luck.

Created by: Sleepyhead101

  1. Which meme is the best?
  2. Do you know what is a normie?
  3. Select a meme source.
  4. Cash me ousside how bow dah
  5. What is your opinion on Fortnite
  6. Harambe is...
  7. How often do you say YOLO?
  8. Which is best
  9. Spell icup!
  10. Rate yourself: how spicy are your memes?
  11. Schools using memes to appeal to teenagers is
  12. Finally, why do you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How dank am I?