Are You A Real Memelord?

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This quiz will determine if you are a Memelord, or just an average joe. Some questions are based on majority memer opinion, and not actual facts. Don’t try to meme-answer questions, as that will mess up your score.

Since some questions are based on majority memer opinion, the answer is not fact based. Answer it TRUTHFULLY, as you would think. Not as others would think. Thank you.

Created by: Rhynix
  1. Do non-memers consider you funny?
  2. Are memes using the impact font funny?
  3. Is being a normie bad?
  4. If memes are considered, “dead” by the majority, can they still be funny?
  5. If you are a instagram meme page, and you put in big captions around the video meme you are uploading that say, “THIS IS SO FUNNY 😂” are you increasing or decreasing the quality of the meme?
  6. Is using incorrect grammar funny?
  7. Are memes cringy when used by schools/businesses to appeal to teenagers?
  8. Can meme categories die? (Examples: Video memes, ironic memes, meta memes)
  9. Does a meme deserve direct credit to the creator if it is a text post?
  10. Is it considered “wrong” to laugh at people who don’t know about a certain meme?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Real Memelord?