What type of horse breed are you

do u wanna know what your horse breed is then this quiz is the right one for you! there are some crazy horse people out there that just wanna know what breed they are!

do you know what horse breed you are if u do take this quiz there are nine breeds that you can be Arab, saddler, Friesain, thoroughbred, boer pony, quarter horse, percheron, lipizzaner and appaloosa if you wanna be these breeds then do this quiz!

Created by: Nikki

  1. what horse do you want one day? out of these
  2. What do you like doing in your free time?
  3. if you were a horse what would u like to do?
  4. what is your fav. horse colour
  5. when someone is hurt what do you do
  6. do you like heavy horses or light horses
  7. if you had to explain yourself which one of these will it be?
  8. do you like ponies or horses?
  9. what do you like doing more riding bare back or not?
  10. what is your negatives?
  11. if you were a horse and you see a snake what do you do?
  12. if you were a horse what do you do if the rider hits you with the crop?
  13. Did you like this quiz?

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