What horse breed are you?

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Welcome to my quiz! This quiz was made to tell you what type pf horse you’d be if you were a horse. It’s based on questions such as what sort of lifestyle would you like and how much would you trust humans.

Will you be a kind hearted Shetland pony or Clydesdale, a high spirited mustang with a love for freedom, a stubborn barb horse that makes sure everything goes your way or something else? You will have to wait and see...

Created by: Wild_spirit7
  1. (You’re a horse in this question) would you let people ride you?
  2. What type of personality do you like in a horse?
  3. What sort of riding discipline do you do?
  4. what would you mostly do if you were a horse?
  5. Where would you want to live if you were a horse?
  6. Where is your favourite place to ride?
  7. If you were a horse back in the olden days what would you be doing?
  8. If you were a horse much would you trust humans?
  9. How much would you want to be handled as a horse?
  10. If you were let go into the wild one day, would you like it?

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Quiz topic: What horse breed am I?