What type of horse are you?

What type of horse are you tells what you are most alike as if possibly you were a horse! Seeing whether or not your a horse person. Hope you are when you take this quiz!

What type of horse are you tells what type of horse you are. Seeing what you most have in common with one of these horses. So when you take this quiz you will find out!

Created by: mary
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which place were you most close to born at or born at?
  2. Do you ride/do you want to ride?
  3. Do you like horses?
  4. Do you ride western or engilsh?
  5. What type of riding do you like best?
  6. What horse do you like best?
  7. What do you like solid colored or multi colored?
  8. How many hands do you like a horse to be?
  9. Do you like long hair on a horseor short hair or between?
  10. Would you like to go to a show or not?

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Quiz topic: What type of horse am I?