what type of sports horse are you?

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This test allows you to find out what kind of sports horse type you are either a race horse to a in-hand show pony. questiosna re based on your own preferences.

have you ever wanted to know, if you was born a sports horse what kind would you be. well take the test and find out. maybe your a dressage horse or maybe you a polo pony.

Created by: Rebecca Du'Hany

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what of the following best describes you?
  2. What of the following do you prefer:
  3. If you saw a lion roaming about freely what would you do:
  4. which of the following do you prefer:
  5. You find a treasure chest do you:
  6. what body type are you
  7. which of the following defies you
  8. Which of the following do your prefer
  9. You go to the beach which of the following best decribes what you would do once there
  10. You think you have won a race, only to be told you didnt but came close second do you
  11. theres a fire in someones house, there traped do you
  12. You see some kids bullying another kid. You dont know any of the people do you
  13. would you be a soldier
  14. would you put your life at risk for someone else
  15. what is your favourite horse breed
  16. what type of sports horse would you prefer to be
  17. do you like horses
  18. what is your fav horse colour
  19. which of the following can you do on a horse

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Quiz topic: What type of sports horse am I?