What horse breed are you?

Do you like horses? If so do you ever wonder what breed you might be if you where one? Well enough here is your chance!! Take the amazing quiz to find out!!! The source for all the descriptions for the horses is from Wikipedia!!

In the first four questions answer them like normal. In the others answer as if you are a horse!! Also try to answer their questions truthfully!! Have fun!!

Created by: Coconut 25

  1. Which of the following sports do you do?
  2. What type of horseback riding do you do... English
  3. What type of horseback riding do you do... Western
  4. You are a horse... You rider jams their spurs into you sides for spooking, what do you do
  5. You are still a horse... Would you prefer a grassy paddock or a comfortable stall
  6. For the rest of the quiz you are a horse.. You don't get enough food?
  7. Your rider comes to tack you up while you are in your paddock with grass
  8. Do you let you rider pick your feet
  9. Your rider attempts to give a bath
  10. Your trise trays to take you on a trail ride

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Quiz topic: What horse breed am I?