What Breed Of Horse Fits You?

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There are many horses, and many people. However, some people is, truly,fit for a breed. A horse lover should know what their dream breed is, and know facts about it.

In this quiz, you will find out(if you don't know yet)what your best-fitting horse breed is. Before, you can only wonder about it. Now, you really can find out!

Created by: Star Horseshoe

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  1. What do you want your horse to do?
  2. Where will you keep your horse?
  3. What will you feed your horse?
  4. If you are riding in the mountains, and a mountain lion leaps out(you're not armed), what do you hope your horse will do?
  5. You're one more race to the world's best. What race will you enter?
  6. You are on a racetrack to race. If you can choose, what will the ground be?
  7. Who would you hire as a jockey?
  8. A man is selling horses. Which one did you buy?
  9. The military is asking for horses because of wartime to help soldiers feel better. Where does your horse go?
  10. What's your favorite horse name?

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