What Type of Dragon are You?

Dragons may not seem real, but they are. YOU are a dragon! Whether you love to pull pranks on people, or just sitting around reading. Everyone is a dragon.

What kind of dragon are you? This quiz will tell you what you are! Are you a great and powerful Fire Dragon, or a calming Water Dragon? Or, are you something else? Well, wonder no more! This quiz will tell you!

Created by: Cheyanne
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  1. You see a couple people fighting, just for fun, and they ask you to join...what do you do?
  2. You have a day off, no work to go to, no school, no nothing, and, it's raining outside. What do you do?
  3. In your spare time, what do you like to do?
  4. What type of pet do you want/have?
  5. What is your personality?
  6. A hobo comes up and asks you for money, what do you say/do?
  7. Some weird guy has turned you into a dragon, what do you do now?
  8. Your still dragon, and the army is trying to kill you. What do you do?
  9. Still a dragon. The army has left you alone. What do you do now?
  10. Your not a dragon anymore. Now, what did you think of this quiz? This question may seem useless, but it isn't.

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Quiz topic: What Type of Dragon am I?