What dragon clan do you belong to?

Featuring my book "Horses of Magic" where dragons are decided into clans, here is this quiz to test in which you would belong if you were to be a dragon. It won't take long, and the questions aren't that hard.

The possibilities are: Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Orange Calcite, Purple Pearl, Blue Calcite, Diamond, and Onyx. There are more clans, but these are the most familiar. Test yourself. Each dragon type has a different color of eyes and scales, and they all symbolize something. Each dragon clan also has dragons with basic personalities.

Created by: Skydragon
  1. First of, a simple question. Just pick a color.
  2. Would you be very focused upon becoming a good flier?
  3. Would you fly into battle with a grin of delight?
  4. Would you focus on learning many things?
  5. Are you a bit careless at times?
  6. Are you very happy with what you have?
  7. Would you practice magic?
  8. Is your choice to be large or a bit smaller?
  9. Firebreath?
  10. Are you calm, proud, or both?
  11. Would you be open to others?
  12. Now go check your answer!

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Quiz topic: What dragon clan do I belong to?