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  • Your Result: Onyx

    Onyx types are rare. Diamond dragons usually load Onyx dragons. Your scales should be black, and your eyes red. You symbolize magic, and these dragons can wield that too. Unlike other dragons, they can be taught magical spells also. They are usually the secretive, and quick tempered types, who make the first strike when in battle, and who would most likely fight until death, and with delight in the battle also.

    whoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that describes me perfectly!

    • Same here but SOME how I got sapphire???? I picked black as fav color btw some of the sapphire dragon fit me but I'm more of and onyx! Sooo jealous and happy for you!

  • Sapphire

    You're scales are deep blue, and your eyes are silver. You symbolize wisdom. The basic personality for Sapphire dragons, is loyal, strong, protective, and they are usually fierce fighters and good leaders.

    lol thats so me.......great quiz ^.^

  • I am a sapphire . I have deep blue scales my eyes are silver !! My symblom is wisdom ! I am loyal , strong , protective , and a fierce fighter !! Plus i'm a good leader !! Now that's a dragon i'll want to be !!! Really good quiz

  • Aaaah, thanks for taking this. I took my own quiz, and ended up getting Purple Pearl... Sapphire and Diamond are my fav I think...

  • I got Blue Calcite! Cool quiz!

  • I'm a sapphire

    The shapeshifter
  • Sweet Imma sapphire!!!!! Cool!! It describes me all the way!!!!!


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