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  • Your Result: You're a WIND DRAGON!

    The Wind Dragon is all about peace. You try to settle things with logic, anf when somebody challenges you to a fight and calls you weak, well, they don't know you! You can proudly walk away from any kind of challenge!

    Wow, I never expected to be a peaceful dragon. Then again, I hate seeing fights. You did a nice job. Keep up the good work :D

  • Your Result: You're an EARTH DRAGON!

    You love nature, and normally want to keep everything peaceful, but when the going gets tough and the forest is in danger, you show everyone what your made of!

    You're a FIRE DRAGON!
    You're a WATER DRAGON!
    You're a WIND DRAGON!

    Puppy xo1
  • Your Result: You're a FIRE DRAGON!

    The Fire Dragon is a very strong and powerful creature. You, my friend, are powerful, and won't let ANYONE get in your way! You also love to have fun!

  • I got Water Dragon. Anybody else?

  • I'm an Earth Dragon!

  • Earth Dragon. Very, VERY true.


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