What type of belly do you have?

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Ever wondered what type of belly you have? This quiz WILL tell you. Do you have abs? Are you flat? Do you have a jelly belly? Are you overweight? Or obese?

so go on then! Try it!!

Created by: Kyle

  1. take your shirt off and stand up. Now look down. What can you see?
  2. How many meals do you have?
  3. Your most eaten snack?
  4. what type of belly do YOU think you have?
  5. [Scenario] the world is about to end and you want to do something before it ends. Will you?
  6. How much excercice a week?
  7. How much fat can you grab from your belly?
  8. Anyone ever called you fat?
  9. Are you brave enough to go out shirtless?
  10. Not counted!!!!! What answer do you think you will get?

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Quiz topic: What type of belly do I have?