what kind of tummy do you have?

This quiz will tell you exactly what tummy you have or if you even have one!! so that means there is no more guessing when it comes to your belly!!!!!

Do you have a chunky belly? a big flabby one? toned or ripped one? or maybe just a little flab? well you will find out in this short 12 question quiz!

Created by: bri
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  1. sit down. how many flab rolls do you have?
  2. can you touch your toes without bending your knees?
  3. stand up and look down. can you see both your WHOLE feet?
  4. how much tummy fat can you pinch?
  5. do you drink soda?
  6. poke your tummy. how far in did your finger go?
  7. do a few jumping jacks. did your tummy jiggle?
  8. did you eat fast food in the past week?
  9. how many times did you have fast food in the past week?
  10. can you run a mile without stopping

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Quiz topic: What kind of tummy do I have?