are you fat chubby or skinny

i dont think this is impotytant so im just gunna say hand ya soo go fall in a hole people no one likes you so fun dont be unhealthy take the quiz have

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Created by: eric
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How much do you weight
  2. when you eat do you
  3. whats you average diet
  4. look down when sitting and you see a
  5. do you drink
  6. have you been pregnant
  7. do you have a anerexic eating disorter
  8. do you have a fat eating disorter
  9. do you love to overeat
  10. do you want to be fat
  11. are you a bbw or bbm
  12. have you tried to lose weight?
  13. do you do sports
  14. when walking do youre
  15. how long are you infront of a tv a day
  16. do you have diseases over youre weight ( fat or skinny
  17. are you very stressed out
  18. are you in the military
  19. did you like this quiz( doesnt change)

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Quiz topic: Am I fat chubby or skinny