Are you a fatty?

In this world there are skinny people, average people, chubby people, fat people and incredibly fat people. Ther are tons of people who walk around every day who don't know which one they are and their friends won't give them a clue. Are you one of them.

Well this quiz will give you a clue. It will tell you what your friends won't tell you, if you're fat, skinny or anything inbetween. **** warning this quiz will give true result ,so if you don't want to know the truth don't take the quiz.

Created by: juanita
  1. Do you like to eat?( I know this question is played out)
  2. When you stand up and look down what do you see?
  3. When you walk does your fat jiggle?
  4. Are people able to put their hands fully around you and have their hands touch?
  5. Do you have a double chin?
  6. How do your clothes fit?
  7. Do you have a gut?
  8. Do you snack alot?
  9. What do you look like in a bikini?
  10. What happen when you jump in a chair?
  11. Did you think this quiz was mean?

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Quiz topic: Am I a fatty?