How Fat Are You?

Please note that this quiz is not to hurt anyone's feelings! I just made this quiz to be for fun and so that you can use it as a quick, fun way to determine weather you are fat, skinny, chubby, or just right.

Take this quiz and find out! It is a fast, fun, and easy way to answer that one little question, "am I fat?" Anyway, please take this quiz! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Created by: emma

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  1. Lets start with the basics. How much do you weigh?
  2. What would you most likely eat?
  3. Do you think you are fat?
  4. Stand up and look down. What do you see?
  5. What is your weight loss goal?
  6. You are putting on your favorite jeans and you can't get them on passed you thighs. What happens next?
  7. What is your favorite bathing suit style?
  8. Fried chicken.
  9. You are clothes shopping and nothing fits.
  10. Are you eating right now?
  11. you and a friend are skating and she falls through the ice. You jump in to save her. Then what happens?
  12. Stand up and pinch your belly. How much fat can you grab?
  13. describe your body's shape.
  14. what would you rather do:
  15. count your fat rolls.
  16. final question: have you ever been called fat/encouraged to lose weight?

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Quiz topic: How Fat am I?