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  • Your Result: Old fashioned detective:

    You might as well paint yourself black and white you're so old fashion. Others might think you talk odd, or are a bit too old fashioned. Your methods are very Sherlock Holmes, you don't trust that befuddled new lab junk. Because you are so old fashioned you believe in honesty, playing by the rules, and always following through on a promise

  • Lab scientist

    Yeah,I guess so.Then old fashioned dectective,so how does that work???

  • NOT scientist!!!!!!! I'm a REAL spy. No joke. Government's sent me to watch this place. Gonna catch the enemy passing classified info....

    • If you really were then you would not have a prof pic and you would not be telling us this!!!!

  • sweet! old fashioned detective! thats awesome! what do you mean by talks funny?


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