What type of agent are you?

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Are you a spy, a detective, a FBI, or a loner? Figure out in this simple quiz.

You know you're dying to try this out. It really is the bomb, so come on try it out. (Don't worry, the word "bomb" isn't used literally here)

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  1. Do you often work in a group?
  2. Do you fight your own battles?
  3. Does any of this make sense to you: HTML, Java, VB, C++, ect.
  4. When you see bubble-gum what do you think?
  5. Weapons?
  6. Do you pick locks?
  7. Do you have secrets?
  8. Would you like to have a secret passage/secret room/ect.?
  9. When a key what do you think?
  10. Cars?

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Quiz topic: What type of agent am I?