What stereotype are you?

Many people have different personalities. They're all different. We all wonder what we are, when people ask us in societies such as school or parks. It may be classed as Labelling, which I am against, but some want to get ANSWERS.

Who are you? What type of person are you really? Find out here! In this quiz, your stereo type will be defined by the personality answers you submit. Simple, really.

Created by: Bethiie

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  1. What's your favourite band?
  2. What's your favourite colour?
  3. How do you greet your friends?
  4. Your favourite subject is...
  5. Your ideal pet would be..
  6. Finish this sentence. I was sitting in class one day..
  7. Favourite shop?
  8. Favourite day?
  9. It's nearly over..
  10. Oh hang on...not yet.
  11. ...That was it!

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Quiz topic: What stereotype am I?