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So, I know how it is. You're a bored adolescent or 40-yr.-old in mother's basement who's here to take some online quizzes and kill some time, and maybe reaffirm your self-image, and you've clicked on some quiz that appeals to you and are now already taking it because you never bothered to read what you are reading. Same as usual, right? RIGHT, because this stereotype quiz is...STEREOTYPICAL!!

WARNING: Only take this quiz if you are a stereotypical quiz taker--by which I mean you must have plenty of time on your hands, as it's quite long, and belong to a common stereotype (the stereotypical stereotype quiz is missing many of the lesser-known stereotypes, as is this). Also, note that this quiz is aimed at individuals between the ages of 10 and 25, and while others can take it, the results will probably not be relevant or correct.

Created by: Yuri Mother
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your opinion on the emo/goth schizm?
  2. What sort of grades do/did you get in your current or most recent year of education?
  3. Females: What quantity of makeup do you apply?
  4. Which shirts do you prefer?
  5. If you selected "TOPS", which TOPS do you prefer?
  6. Do you celebrate Guy Fawkes Night? If you don't know it, look it up NOW! This is very important.
  7. When addressing a friend of yours, you say,
  8. When addressing an aquaintance, you say,
  9. Do you drink red Kool-Aid?
  10. Males: When was the last time you wore a very large, puffy sweater of a neutral colour?
  11. Remember the last time you were cut. What were the circumstances?
  12. Males: How long is your hair?
  13. Describe your friends.
  14. Are you politically active?
  15. Which is you?
  16. If you answered "Left-winger" on Q.17, which is closest to you?
  17. If you answered "Right-winger" on Q.17, which is closest to you?
  18. If you answered "Other" on Q.17, which is closest to you?
  19. This next question is intended for those under the legal boozing age. If you are over this age, answer as if you were not. The question is: BOOZE?!
  20. Which soft beverage do you prefer?
  21. What's your I.Q.?
  22. Go open a new window and search for the quiz (on this site) "Which of the Horsemen are You?" Which answer did you get?
  23. Can you see nothing but your tears and your hair?
  24. Are superficiality, vanity, popularity, and aesthetics some of your life goals?
  25. Have you ever filmed yourself doing something seriously dangerous and/or idiotic and posted it on Youtube?
  26. Do almost all of these questions seem very eccentric and extreme to you, and have you been skipping many due to a lack of mild, neutral-ish answers?
  27. Have you ever participated in any of the following groups or events: politically-based riot, "Anonymous", Greenpeace, any local community activist program, any sort of "march", ouija board use, concert at which headbanging and hand gestures were expected, placard-waving?
  28. Do/have you have/had a math teacher in school who taught you that differential equations are more powerful than violence?
  29. Fill in the blank! The quiz is ___.
  30. Oops. Nevermind, I've gone back and added additional questions.
  31. Scenario: you wake up, look out your window, and the world is on fire.
  32. Is a modern consumerist culture sustainable?
  33. Fill in the blank. Keep your eye on the ___.
  34. What is the correct application of a baseball?
  35. What is the correct application of a chainsaw?
  36. What is the correct application of a Gucci bag?
  37. What is the correct application of an individual with lunch money?
  38. What is the correct application of globalisation?
  39. What is the correct application of a possible narc?
  40. This is question 42.
  41. Scenario: you are attending Woodstock when a diminutive and cartoonish guitarist with a large head appears on stage and praises the establishment. This is ___.
  42. Which phrase best describes most of your friends?
  43. Which of the following statements best describes your opinion on violence?

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