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  • Oops, I accidentally posted without writing. Sorry. Anyway, I'm not a neo-hippie as my result stated, I'm more or less a mix of a delinquent and nerd stereotype. Fun quiz, anyway.

    Lunar Raevyn Jan 4 '15, 7:39PM
  • i got average which i don't think cuz most questions i didn't even understand or whatever 0-0

    Mahalkita Sep 12 '13, 5:55PM
  • wow i am sooo not mega prep maybe just prep and btw this was too long of a quiz my laptop battery is almost dead

    Purple_Skies Jun 28 '12, 2:02PM
  • average... must be clueless if you think im average >;D
    i want 20 minutes of my LIFE back! tyvm!

    mk09 Apr 25 '10, 2:21PM
  • im snake0345 4 those of u whove seen me:
    iv changed alot
    im becoming a prep its hard because no1 likes me cause i used 2 b emo

    hatake_naraki May 20 '09, 9:55PM
  • ................... ...... life does suck
    at least when my moms around

    snake0345 Apr 17 '09, 7:20PM
  • Average? You're kidding.

    Take my quiz please.
    It's called Kinesis! Which Kinesis Are You?
    Thank you very much.

    Paranormal Mar 22 '09, 5:33PM
  • xD me... AVERAGE!!
    like that'll ever happen

    Pandat Mar 20 '09, 3:11AM
  • Hey Im a delinquent lol

    XxNocturnalBabexX Mar 2 '09, 9:43PM
  • average whateverrrrr

    xxx_vampire_emo_xxx Mar 2 '09, 4:26AM
  • Average...I am now scarred for life to know I'm so NORMAL! this is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Nallie Feb 28 '09, 10:29PM
  • neo - hippie.
    at first i was like WTF,
    but its quite accurate actually
    metal fan :)
    prob one of the best quizzes i've ever taken on the site.

    shelley liz Feb 28 '09, 6:45PM
  • yeas average

    joey the party starter Feb 25 '09, 3:42PM
  • You're a hardcore emo--no soul, disturbingly chain-reliant attire, one solace is the sweet embrace of death. You probably have no real friends, and that's how you like it, but access to somewhat of a social circle of like-minded individuals. At first glance, your notable traits include a pessimistic attitude, general dislike of others, and desire to pretend that your erratic clothing is made from the skin of preps. Congratulations!

    O.O" ooookaaaay lol skin of preps >=D

    ltlbabeangel Feb 24 '09, 5:41PM
  • i can get you a store credit

    yurmom Feb 24 '09, 3:44PM
  • AVERAGE?!?!?! how DARE you suggest such a thing!!!! i demand a refund!!!!!

    randomlaughter Feb 24 '09, 10:17AM
  • Hahaha Neo Hippie....

    RockerLover Feb 23 '09, 3:33PM
  • i got average...i guess thats better than some s--- like emo, pretty good i guess, a bit confusing though

    MYRASOSWEET Feb 22 '09, 10:44PM
  • Average. lol

    doyoureallycare Feb 22 '09, 7:51PM

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