What "Clique" Are You In?

Stereotype. The word seems long and scientific, but really, it just means how people see you, like what "clique" you are in. The word stereotype describes the way people act and their actions, and how they think.

What's YOU'RE stereotype? What clique (pronounced 'click', of course) are YOU in? Leave it to this quiz to find out! What do I have to say about my quiz? Well, good luck! And answer honestly!

Created by: kathy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You have nothing to do on the weekend. You decide to:
  2. Your birthday party is-
  3. You mom says you need more shoes. You think:
  4. You're at a party and you don't really know anyone. You:
  5. You really want something. You:
  6. You ideal afternoon would be spent:
  7. Do you like school?
  8. A word that you hope describes you:
  9. Your greeting
  10. You want friends that are

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Quiz topic: What "Clique" am I In?