What State are you from

this is a quiz taht says what sate your from so tkae it if you wnat to the is is a can who has a fan which is his ran who talked to his auntiee in englanf while shooting rabitts in his bed

Are You a Genius With tabs you can: Use one Internet Explorer window to view all your webpages. Open links in a background tab while viewing the page you're on. Save and open multiple webpages at once by using favorites and home page tabs. To get started: Press the CTRL key while clicking links (or use the middle mouse button). Click any tab with the middle mouse button to close it. Press ALT+ENTER from the address bar or search box to open the result in a new tab.

Created by: amazon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which one of These Things would You like to live my the most
  2. Which one of these is the most important to you
  3. What is you favorite Sport
  4. What is your favorite fruit
  5. Are You Crazy
  6. Do You Own more than 1 car
  7. What Do You decorate during chrismas
  8. Last question what weather do you prefer
  9. Thats it your done
  10. jk one more

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Quiz topic: What State am I from