Bllue or Maroon?

State of Origin. Sporting's greatest spectacle. It has often been said that there is no higher honour then representing your state. Mate V Mate, State V State. QLD V NSW.

Now time for you to know the truth. Who do you REALLY support? Do you bleed maroon or blue? You may think you know who you support, but now time for you to find out for sure. Answer 12 Questions to determine who you are. A Blue, or a Maroon.

Created by: Dominic Fay
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  1. What colour do you prefer?
  2. What is Queensland's original home ground?
  3. Who won game 2, 2004?
  4. Who is a QLD sponsor?
  5. Who is a NSW sponsor?
  6. What is NSW original home ground?
  7. What is QLD's original warcry?
  8. Before the 2008 series started, how many series had been played?
  9. how many have qld won?
  10. Where has there never been a State of origin match played?

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