How Aussie are you?

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G’day mate! Did you ever wonder if you an “at all Aussie”? Did you ever wonder how Aussie you are you? There could be a big chance that you could be one! Take this quiz to find your results!

There is 20 questions in this, so if you have time do it! If you don’t then you can just do it later if ya want! You don’t have to, it’s just for fun, I could never force anyone to do something. Being nice is all I can do with my whole entire life. Have fun and good luck!

Created by: Teressa Liz

  1. Do ya like having some prawns on the Barbie?
  2. What’s ya favorite place to go on a nice summer day?
  3. What do you call ya friends?
  4. Where do ya live?
  5. How often do ya smile? ( Aussies smile a lot, I know that because I am aus.)
  6. Do ya like ocean diving?
  7. How patient are ya?
  8. What language do ya speak?
  9. How happy are ya?
  10. What’s ya favorite food?
  11. What’s ya favorite color?
  12. What’s ya favorite dessert?
  13. What’s your favorite animal?
  14. What’s ya favorite season?
  15. Are ya bored?
  16. Almost done! How beautiful are ya?
  17. Do ya like school / work?
  18. Are ya female or male?
  19. Last question... Are ya happy with ya life?
  20. NO WAIT!!!! Do ya know about Australia?

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