What Starter Pokemon are you?

Do you really want to know who you are as a starter pokemon? Has it been bothering you forever? Then you have come to the right place take the quiz now!

Are you willing to find out what pokemon you are? If you are you need to take this quiz now! If you want to you will soon find out what pokemon you are!

Created by: Morgan of this site
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  1. What animal would it be cool to be?
  2. What type would it be cool to be?
  3. What attack would it be cool to learn?
  4. What color would it be cool to be?
  5. Would you have a beak, nose, twig on your head, or flaming tail?
  6. Would you be from the Kanto, Hoehn, Sinnoh, or silver and gold verson?
  7. Are you popular?
  8. Are you shy
  9. Do you like video games?
  10. What pokemon is in all the games?

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Quiz topic: What Starter Pokemon am I?